A Look Into Mobile Music Marketing Strategies

A Look Into Mobile Music Marketing Strategies

Posted on July July 5, 2012, by Hisham Dahud in Blog. No Comments

A Look Into Mobile Music Marketing Strategies

Fame House’s head of Business Development Hisham Dahud recently moderated a panel discussion for the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) entitled, “Hold the Phone! Mobile Music Marketing Strategies.”

The panel featured professionals involved in various areas in the mobile industry including Arne Lucas, Consultant for Illiance Creative Group and former Director of Mobile Marketing at INgrooves, Raj Singh, Mobile Consultant/Stategy/Product Planning Expert, and Kahlil Najar, Mobile Manager at INgrooves Fontana. The panelists all have different backgrounds in mobile marketing, allowing for a well-rounded discussion with unique perspectives in a growing field.

The New Mobile World

The availability and growth of the smartphone market has truly changed the way music is marketed on mobile devices. In the past, mobile music marketing consisted of selling ringtones, ringback tones, and wallpapers. Cellular carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile policed the products available for purchase, making it difficult for indie artists to break into the mobile market. The advent and abundance of smartphones has not only leveled the playing field for independent artists, but has also made mobile music marketing an extension of online marketing and not just a platform for selling mobile friendly products. Recently, the new mobile music space has seen measurable results with various music marketing strategies including SMS campaigns and app marketing campaigns. In the past, mobile marketers were still experimenting with such campaigns and ways to measure the results.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Some of the most effective and easiest ways to implement mobile marketing campaigns for artists are in social media, apps, and SMS campaigns. Artists can use apps like Instagram, FourSquare, and even games like Words With Friends to directly interact with their audience and build relationships with their fans. Other mobile apps like Twitter can be an effective and free way to promote your brand on mobile. In social media, mobile should be a marketing tool used to support all other marketing activities. For building an app, it is essential to know if your audience would be receptive to your app. If so, an app is a great way to get quality content to your fans.  As the app market becomes more popular, it becomes cheaper and easier to create and sell mobile apps. Companies like our marketing partners Mobile Roadie provide affordable app solutions for independent artists.

If you decide to have an app, make sure that you consistently provide your audience with quality content to ensure that you will keep their attention and your app will constantly be in use. SMS (text message) campaigns can also be an effective way to market your music. SMS service BroadTexter allows you to make groups of SMS contacts and sort them by location. You can geo-target your SMS messages by area code to let fans know when and where you will be performing in their area. SMS campaigns can also be used to interact directly with fans. Some artists have used SMS technology to make their live shows more interactive. Fans can send song requests and participate in polls during live shows by text. In the end, mobile shrinks the distance between you and your fans.

A Means To An End

In mobile music marketing, visibility is always key. Use mobile apps and platforms that you fans already use. Know what your audience likes and what platforms they feel comfortable interacting with. The best way to measure success is through fan interactions. Although this may be difficult to measure in actual numbers, seeing where you get the most responses from your audience can help you gauge which campaigns may be the most successful. Most importantly, view mobile marketing as an extension of all other marketing efforts, not as a separate entity or additional source of revenue. As the lines between mobile and desktop access begin to disappear, so will the lines between traditional digital and mobile marketing.

Valeria Bornstein, Marketing

source: http://famehouse.net/a-look-into-mobile-music-marketing-strategies/

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