Ten Years Later, AC/DC Licenses the iTunes Store

Does every artist eventually submit to digital, regardless of the unresolved issues? That seems to be the case for AC/DC, who finally decided — after a near-ten year holdout — to license the iTunes Store.  The band long refused to decouple its epic album opuses, and suffer the revenue decreases that accompany one-off singles purchases.  Apple, of course, refused to budge on album-only bundling demands.

Guess who won.


Just like Kid Rock, AC/DC seems like a band tired of crusading against an increasingly-digitized music world.  And, tired of fighting a fanbase that seems wedded to all of those lower-paying, digitally-convenient formats.  In its morning announcement, AC/DC didn’t present a snazzy workaround or upselling incentive; rather, they simply announced the availability of all sixteen of their studio albums onto the iTunes Store, not to mention four live releases and three compilations.

And, the white flag came with a special, Mastered for iTunes finish.  All of which leaves only a tiny number of old superstars as iTunes holdouts.  We can think of one or two right now, including Garth Brooks.

Which means most of the music people care about is now available on iTunes.  Perhaps we’ll be saying the same thing about Spotify in 2018.

Source: http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/permalink/2012/121118acdc#1RTSwG5lSYEk70gKpEl0XQ

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